The long-term use of prescription and OTC drugs, some illnesses and diseases, and exposure to pesticides and environmental toxins can all lead to kidney disease. Change in urine patterns, chronic back problems, and nausea are common symptoms of the disease.

Besides the common western medical treatments such as dialysis and kidney transplant, there are also natural remedies for kidney disease that control the symptoms and complications of kidney disease to make you feel better, avoid or delay dialysis, and just improve life. The following seven remedies are among the most effective in natural treatment of kidney disease.

1. Reduce your sodium consumption by avoiding products with added salt like canned soups, fast foods, salty snack foods, processed meats, and cheese.

2. Reducing your protein consumption can help if the balance isn’t right. Your dietician will decide the amount of protein you should eat every day and make recommendations based on this. High-protein foods are milk, cheese, beans, meat, and eggs, while low-protein foods include most breads and cereals, fruits, and vegetables.

3. Include low-potassium foods such as apples, grapes, green beans, cabbage, and strawberries to your diet and reduce high-potassium foods such as potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, oranges, and bananas. Note: this is only required if you have excessively high potassium blood levels.

4. Include foods with diuretic properties as they promote healthy urination and reduce swelling induced by kidney disease. Examples are cucumber, parsley, celery, watermelon, and fennel.

5. Pineapple has the natural enzyme bromelain that helps fight inflammation and reduce amyloid deposits in kidneys of people with kidney disease. It is better to take bromelain with turmeric as its anti-inflammatory properties help boost the action of both supplements. As they can both thin the blood, don’t use them if you are on blood-thinning medicine without consulting your health practitioner first.

6. Cranberries and cranberry juice very effectively treat urinary tract infections.

Cranberries and cranberry juice also prevent and dissolve kidney stones. While cranberries are actually safe for treating acute urinary tract infections, it is better to not use them medicinally if you have active kidney disease until your health practitioner has approved their consumption.

7. Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are great for those suffering from kidney disease as they contain anthocyanins that are high in nutrients and help to reduce tissue inflammation.

Raspberries offer added benefits as they are high in antioxidants, fiber, and foliate, which help reduce the growth of cancerous tumors. Berries generally are high in minerals, which help ensure proper kidney functioning.

However, these berries may also create problems in those kidney problems where the mineral consumption should be reduced. This is why it is important that you consult your naturopath or nutritionist before taking berries in large amounts for medicinal reasons.

While western medical treatments do help in the management of kidney diseases, these 7 natural remedies for kidney disease can help reverse and treat kidney disease with limited or no side effects.

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